Thursday, May 3, 2018

Engineering and technology exhibits attract attention during University of Maryland's 20th annual Maryland Day

Story Highlights:

  • The University of Maryland held its 20th annual Maryland Day, a campus-wide open house, on April 28, 2018.
  • Student competition groups from the Clark School of Engineering showcased their latest designs.
  • The John and Stella Graves Makerspace in McKeldin Library hosted demonstrations of 3D printing and virtual reality.

University of Maryland's Plant Sciences Building Brings Science to Life at 20th Annual Maryland Day

By Golshan Jalali

Story Highlights:
  • The 20th annual Maryland Day at the University of Maryland attracted over 85,000 visitors.
  • The Plant Sciences Building featured over 10 exhibits as part of the "Ag Day Avenue" learning neighborhood. 
  • Visitors indulged in a variety of hands-on educational science activities.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Middle School Girls Excel in Math and Science With Support of UMD Female STEM Students

By Golshan Jalali

Story Highlights:
  • Girls Excelling in Math and Science (G.E.M.S.) is an after-school program that serves middle school students in Prince George's County, Maryland to encourage science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers. 
  • University of Maryland female STEM students participate in the program weekly to facilitate science experiments and mentor middle school aged girls. 
  • The program supports middle school aged girls to further develop their interest in STEM and increase opportunity to pursue careers in STEM. 

University of Maryland Celebrates 20 Years of Learning and Discovery at Maryland Day

Future Terps visit Testudo the Terrapin at UMD College Park
The University of Maryland hosted thousands of visitors for Maryland Day on April 28th. It was the twentieth anniversary celebration of the event, which had exciting demonstrations, exhibitions and performances from students at a variety of colleges at the University.

  • Activities cultivated innovation and imagination
  • University students educated the public through exhibitions, presentations and performances
  • Police, Medical Staff, Transportation professionals discussed safety, health, and welfare

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The University of Maryland's advocacy on health and wellness was in full gear at Maryland Day

Story highlights:

  • Maryland Day's Eppley Recreation Center had a slew of activities and tables for health and wellness
  • The Adventists HealthCare table provided a spinning wheel designed to have guests do a few good exercises
  • Like many years before, a successful Maryland Day was had by everyone involved

Science and technology fire up excitment in kids during twentieth anniversary of Maryland Day

Story highlights:

  • Maryland Day attendees had the chance to get hands-on with exhibits at Science and Tech Way. 
  • Hundreds of free events allow for people to learn about the university and check out the college town.
  • Most science and math disciplines aimed to showcase the amazing feats achieve at Maryland. 

University of Maryland Extension program answers home gardening and pest questions

Story highlights:

  • UMD Extension's Home and Garden Information Center provides free home gardening information 
  • Homeowners can post questions on HGIC's website, and they will be answered by Master Gardeners
  • Most common questions include how to start a garden, and what to do about deer

Extension Home & Garden Information Center at Maryland Day

If you’ve heard of Extension at all, you may picture an office with some dusty pamphlets about home canning, or you might think about your grandma sending off a little sample of soil from her yard for pH testing.

Of the many University of Maryland Extension programs in existence today, perhaps the one closest to what our grandparents might have utilized is the Home and Garden Information Center. But there’s nothing outdated about this organization. Their mission: to develop and deliver science-based, sustainable gardening and integrated pest management education for better human and environmental health. On a practical level, that means answering home gardeners’ questions, often online and via social media.

“We specialize in helping just homeowners,” said Ellen Nibali, a horticulturalist with the University of Maryland Extension Service. Nibali was one of several master gardeners present at the Home and Garden Information Center table at Maryland Day on the UMD campus on Saturday, April 28th. “We have tons of information on how to start a garden, how to solve problems in horticulture, but also about pest control: everything from deer down to termites.”

In addition to information about the organization, the HGIC table included what, at first glance, looked to be a charming window box of wild flowers. In fact, it was a display of some of the area’s most common and invasive weeds.

The table was staffed with Master Gardeners who were prepared to answer gardening questions from anyone, on the spot. One of the most common questions: what to do about deer.

Master Gardeners answered homeowner questions at Maryland Day
“Deer are a ubiquitous problem in Maryland now, with huge herds,” Nibali said. “You want to try to plant things that deer don’t eat, and we can help you with that. There are native plants as well as ornamental plants. We also can recommend good methods to fence. Sometimes you don’t want to put up an 8 foot fence.” She explained that it can be a matter of fencing an area, perhaps with lower fencing, that is small enough that a deer would not feel comfortable jumping inside of it.

Anyone can visit the HGIC website for a plethora of free resources, including a gardening blog, a library of resources and links, and information about how to volunteer or become a Master Gardener. Plus, anyone can visit and post their thorniest garden questions. 

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Cherry Blossom featured events take center stage in Washington D.C.

Story headlines:
  • The National Cherry Blossom Festival features unique events around the nation's capital for a three week span. 
  • Newseum members experienced "In Bloom" after-hours event to celebrate the  end of the peak bloom.
  • Members enjoyed Japanese-themed food, activities and cultural opportunities throughout the night. 

The University of Maryland's Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center is rich in history and purpose for Maryland alumni

Story highlights:

  • The building is named after Samuel Riggs IV, a member of one of Maryland's most venerable families, and constructed by Hugh Newell Jacobson
  • The design of the Alumni Center with high glass windows, marble floors, and lush garden makes it popular to host special events
  • The Samuel Riggs Alumni Center is surrounded by past alumni with the Legacy Brick Campaign

Art and science installation on UMD campus shows bee and wasp habitats

Story Highlights:

  • An art/science installation on the University of Maryland campus illustrates solitary bee and wasp habitats
  • The installation sits within a shaded garden just off Stadium Drive
  • Wood carvings, demonstration gardens and an audio presentation teach visitors about solitary bees and wasps

University of Maryland Upgrades Sports and Housing Facilities

Cole Field House
Story Highlights:

  • The University of Maryland is upgrading Cole Field House and Dorchester Hall
  • The projects will cost over $155 million and are being funded by donations from alumni - largely Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank - and the state of Maryland
  • The facilities are expected to be operational in Fall 2018

Povich Center panel tells journalism students why now is the best time to become a journalist

Story Highlights:

  • Journalism is a way to better connect with your community and government.
  • Curiosity and passion for storytelling are important traits for future journalists.
  • The next generation of journalists will be part of a changing media landscape.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Customizing Push Alerts One Important Factor in Maintaining Engagement for Mobile Users, According to Digital Media Experts

by Golshan Jalali

Story highlights:
  • Two digital media experts participated in a panel titled "Alerts: Don't Push Your Audience Away" at a conference hosted by Online News Association to share best practices for engaging mobile users on apps. 
  • Media organizations are utilizing app alert push notifications to extend their brand and draw in readers. 
  • Customization and personalization are key factors to maintain engagement with users. 

Online News Association holds a conference to discuss what works and what doesn't work for app alerts

Story highlights:

  • More people are receiving their information via apps instead of web browsers by enabling push notifications for apps they download
  • News organizations are moving towards preferences for their consumers and have made it easy to modify alerts to suit their interests
  • Consumers have shown a displeasure when it comes to alerts that tease in order to get them to click the link

Online News Association conference gives insight into better app alert practice

Story Highlights:

  • News consumers often see mobile app push alerts as engaging content or brief headline due to more mobile usage. 
  • Media organizations are working to keep interest with audience by customizing app alerts to personal preference. 
  • Better practices in using push notifications will allows for consumers to be more engaged with app use.